Tuesday, July 14, 2009

While I'm away...

Tomorrow the husband and I leave for a trip to Kansas to see my family. We will be meeting my Mom in Denver then driving to Atwood, Kansas to stay with my Maternal Grandmother for two nights, then on to Ellinwood, Kansas for two nights with my Paternal Grandmother (although we will be staying in the town's only B&B). Then back to Atwood for one more night, then home.

We will be in Ellinwood during the time of the After-Harvest Festival (a time to celebrate a good harvest, or lament a bad harvest with fellow farmers and lots of beer).

I'll be posting lots of photos on my main Twitter account @chefdjen. If you want to share in the fun of the After Harvest Festival (and whatever else we manage to find) feel free to follow my adventures by following me on Twitter.

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